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Home Defibrillator For Cardiac Arrest

Defibrillators, also known as Life Support Systems or cardiac arrest monitors, are machines that are used to treat cardiac arrest or emergency conditions in a patient who cannot get the heart rate or blood pressure under control. This is because there is a problem with the electrical system of the heart, leading to death by asphyxiation. Thus, all patients who require such a machine for emergency purposes are advised to have one at home.


As far as the technology of Penn Care home defibrillators is concerned, they are basically the same as those that are used in hospitals. The only difference is that in case of cardiac arrest, there is no permanent cure involved. Rather, the patient is treated in such a manner so that he can be brought back to life some time later. Thus, it becomes necessary that life support systems like this must be available at home for such people.


Penn Care Home cardiac defibrillators can either be battery operated or gas operated. In the case of battery operated ones, they need to be plugged into an electric socket. They do not work on their own and need the help of the patient for functioning properly. On the other hand, gas operated machines have the facility to work on their own. They do not even require the presence of an electric plug. However, these machines are available with some additional features that may include extra timers and additional battery packs.


There are many different models of home defibrillators available in the market. Thus, it is important for a person buying one to understand what he or she requires. While there are simple AED units available in the market, one can also buy units that have many additional facilities. For instance, the handheld unit includes a humidifier to increase the ability of oxygen to the AED patients and a probe with light intensity to monitor and stimulate the heart. Check out this website at https://edition.cnn.com/2018/12/21/health/medical-transport-drones-scli-intl/index.html for more info about medical devices.


There are many options available in the market for buying a home defibrillator. The defibrillators with single device are useful for people who need it during cardiac arrest or for people who have suffered a heart attack. But it is advised to buy the one that comes with multiple functions. This is because an individual may require the AED along with a manual that explains the proper use of the machine along with the exercises that need to be done on a daily basis to reduce the risk of suffering another heart attack.


There are defibrillators that come in different sizes and designs. Thus, one needs to take all the necessary factors into consideration before buying a particular defibrillator. Factors such as the size of the area that has to be covered and the frequency of the cardiac attack are the basic things that one needs to consider when buying a defibrillator. Buying a defibrillator online is the best option as one can easily compare different models and their features. This helps one to get the right kind of defibrillator that will help them during a cardiac arrest or a heart attack.